New seasons bring new printing needs – marketing requires a constant overhaul of new banners, stickers and print collaterals. But what the earth needs are sustainable prints that leave a mark.

SVHC-free for all.
Our sustainable print options are SVHCfree and environmentally friendly, guaranteeing close to zero release of chlorine and dioxin to our environment. It’s printing perfected for the planet

Product Types

Biodegradable Food Packaging Singapore

Advertise sustainably with us

Our banner’s PVC additive level less than 0.1% – in line with EU’s REACH standard
Biodegradable Food Packaging Singapore
  • Biodegradable Garbage Bag Singapore
    Excellence, REACHed
    Our large format print materials have a chemical additive level of less than 0.1%, going the extra mile in meeting EU’s minimum REACH permissible level for SVHC chemicals.
  • Biodegradable Garbage Bag Singapore
    Quality made colourful
    Our vibrant and photo accurate prints are endorsed by many luxury brands.s
  • Biodegradable Garbage Bag Singapore
    Experts at your service
    Our large team of installers and vehicles are always ready for deployment, providing speedy and efficient large-scale campaign rollouts.
  • Biodegradable Garbage Bag Singapore
    Every inch inked well
    Our large format print materials use sustainable UV tech ink for printing, so they’re eco-friendly all the way through.


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