Green Lab's In-House Manufacturing

We proudly serve enterprises of diverse magnitudes, bolstered by cutting-edge manufacturing and printing technology housed within our expansive 200,000 square ft plant located in Tuas. These instrumental production capabilities have been meticulously curated to ensure the prompt fulfilment of your specific needs, all while adhering to environmentally-conscious practices.


Just-In-Time Production

JIT boosts company responsiveness and agility by quickly adjusting supply chain to meet demand changes, staying competitive in rapidly changing markets.

Packaging Box Singapore
Packaging Box Singapore


Better inventory management

With JIT, it eliminates need for companies to hold large amounts of inventory, thereby reducing the associated costs of storage and insurance, improving company’s bottom line.


Carbon footprint reduction

Moving the supply chain closer to your company will lower logistic cost and associated carbon emission from freight, achieving a greener supply chain management.

Packaging Supplier Singapore
Packaging Supplier Singapore


Qualified quality

All our products are proudly made in Singapore, with the strictest quality control. Green Lab committed to social responsibility with robust governance and regulation.

Customization to meet your needs

Printing and Customizing is a great way to tailor user experience. Leave a deep impression on your audience today by leveraging on our team’s expertise to create memorable user experiences. 

Customize your sizes, colours, and prints to perfectly match your corporate identity today!

Printing on our product range

Soy-based ink on CASSA180ᵀᴹ and kraft paper products. Make your brand shine with us. Web-pressed technology for our offset prints. Large format prints with offset. Talk to our sales for a tailored solution tdoday.

Biodegradable Garbage Bag Singapore
We deep dive into your needs and scope out the requirements. Understanding the objective of your products and the customer experience that you want to achieve.
Biodegradable Garbage Bag Singapore

Our packaging and print specialist team works closely together to align form and function for specialty solutions. The product will be prototyped and rigorously tested. 

Feedback and user sentiments will be gathered to make refinements. The final blueprint will be sent our production team for mass production.

Biodegradable Garbage Bag Singapore

Our 200,000 sq ft Tuas plant is equipped with state of the art production technologies, we are able to cater to production volume of various sizes. 

We also provide agile warehousing and logistic solutions to solve your storage woes with Just-In-Time delivery.

Bespoke solutions

Shout out your brand message through our bespoke solutions. Our team of packaging specialist will engineer the product base on your unique requirements and user experience that you want to create. Unbridled the restrains and let us explore infinite eco-possibilities with you