Your first choice
for a lasting impact.

As the first of our kind in Southeast Asia, we strive to be number one in everything.

One-stop solution

for a comprehensive selection of eco-friendly products


of the eco-friendly movement in Singapore

Wide array

of fully customisable products

First choice

for corporations looking for eco-friendly options

100% Biodegradable

and compostable products

Superior Alternative

to single-use plastics

Non-toxic, plant-based

materials for every product


100% biodegradable. 100X better.

As the first of our kind in Southeast Asia, we strive to be number one in everything.


Powered by

We champion natural power for natural products

reduced regional carbon emissions

with freight travel out of the picture

carbon footprint

with automated manufacturing

Land transport

for every product delivery powered by bio-fuel

Solar panel

factory production processes

Zero labour cost

with our fully automated production process

Fraction of the usual price

premium products at a fraction of the usual price

Competively priced

alongside neighbouring countries


Eco-friendly can be budget friendly.

We save you cost without compromising on quality


Save time while
saving the earth.

Our Singapore-based setup helps you start saving the earth in no time at all

Eliminates Delay

Local advantage eliminates overseas shipping delays

Save warehousing issues

Bulk orders can be produced in batches to save warehousing issues, facilitating just-in-time delivery

Quick and efficient lead time

for production

Zero lag time

at every stage from warehousing to shipping

Made in Singapore

created for the whole region

Premium Singapore quality and services

at affordable costs

Large local production plant

with class-leading area of 200,000sqft


Home is where the best is.

Our local advantage means you won’t find better quality anywhere else in the region.


Your future
demands our finest.

Our premium production line is our way of giving nothing but the best for our earth.

Quality products

State of the art machinery for quality sustainable products

Premium products

Premium products boast a full range of features

Extremely low cost

Production of the highest standards for extremely low costs