Metro Singapore renewed commitment to the environment with FSC-certified kraft paper bags

Eco Friendly Packaging Boxes Singapore

Celebrating Singapore’s National Day just recently, we’re happy to highlight the nation’s iconic retail brand: Metro Singapore You’re undoubtedly familiar with this name, a trusted choice for generations of Singaporeans, symbolizing unwavering quality and value.

Metro’s eco contribution with bag charge

In a continued display of dedication to our planet, Metro has renewed its annual commitment to the Retail Bag Charge Pledge with WWF-Singapore. This initiative, a part of the Plastic ACTion framework (PACT), encourages Singaporean retailers to implement a nominal charge on single-use bags, effectively curbing excessive plastic consumption and resource utilization.

Going Greener with FSC-certified Kraft paper bags

The contributions stemming from the bag charge are channelled to WWF-Singapore, fortifying their sustainable endeavours. Since November 2022, Metro has transitioned to using FSC-certified paper for its retail bags and gift-wrapping materials. Working with Green Lab’s Head of Sales Shaik Emam Sulaiman, we supply Metro with eco-friendly kraft paper bags, adorned with prints crafted using non-toxic soy-based ink. The FSC certification further assures responsible sourcing of these bags, achieving net-zero deforestation. Join us in championing the cause of sustainability with #teamgreen as we embrace eco-conscious living and uphold a healthier environment.


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