About us

Every revolution starts from the ground up.

Cassava Bag Singapore
We’ve engineered one that breaks new grounds.
Introducing Green Lab, South-East Asia’s first ever one-stop eco-solution. As Singapore’s leading supply chain for quality eco-friendly products, we create new and exciting possibilities for corporations to realise a sustainable future.

Being the sustainability arm by Print Lab, we are supported by
teams of designers, packaging specialists and large operation
powerhouse to roll out your sustainability efforts in varying
scales. With Times Publishing as our parent company, we are also a proud member of F&N Group of Entities.

Members of the F&N Group

Environmentally Friendly Packaging Singapore

What Green
Means to Us.

Our Mission
To partner with businesses as the one-stop production plant for premium eco-friendly products at market-friendly pricings, disrupting the mindset that sustainability means costliness.
Our Vision
To cultivate a world where environmental friendliness is an accessible reality to all.

Why Green Lab?

Today’s Environment Defines Tomorrow’s Existence
Going green goes beyond just another trending movement – what we do with our Earth today lays the groundwork for both its future and ours. That’s why we’ve got to know what’s going on in the environment.
Environmentally Friendly Packaging Singapore

Not so Fun Facts



Who doesn’t want to save the Earth?

We all want to do our part for the planet. But sometimes, the onslaught of
corporate challenges may lead companies to question if being eco-friendly
is worth all the trouble

Green Lab, your 7-star partner.

There’s nothing more assuring than being backed by the perfect partner. With Green Lab by your side, you can always be confident that the road to sustainability will be a smooth one, all the way.