Green lab is proud to work with ninja van to trailblaze changes in logistic landscape

Paper Bag Supplier Singapore Singapore

Green Lab is excited to partner with a home-grown logistic giant, Ninja Van as one of our new clients with the launch of recyclable eco-mailers. Green Lab also provides a multitude of eco-logistic solutions such as eco-delivery boxes as well.

The partnership reaffirms our position as a sustainability solution provider in various industries. The proliferation of online shopping and mega e-commerce events such as 11.11 sales have significantly increased the amount of packaging waste generated, leading to a rise in plastic waste

Our sustainable Kraft Eco Mailers are lined with water-based resin are:

  • Water-resistant, road-tested
  • Incineration-safe
  • Recyclable
  • Biodegradable & compostable
  • Printed with environmentally friendly soy-based ink
Green Lab has a strong commitment to reducing plastic consumption in the e-commerce industry, and the supply of Kraft Eco Mailers is a critical step towards achieving this goal. With biodegradable packaging solutions such as the Ninja Van Eco Packs, companies can reduce their impact on the environment while contributing to a more sustainable future. By making small changes to their packaging materials, companies can significantly impact the environment, creating a better future for all.