3-in-1 coffee can be made instantly, but that plastic coffee powder sachet lasts a lot longer than an instant. That’s right – something as small as a sachet can go a long way to saving our environment, or on the flipside, harming it. If only there were a biodegradable alternative to make those morning coffees more guilt-free..
Our eco-pillow pouches provide an eco-friendly alternative to plastic sachets, combating plastic wastage without compromising on strength and quality. One small pouch for you, one giant leap for the earth.
Goodbye plastic, hello premium. When it comes to eco-packaging, we’ve got everything you could possibly ask for. Our state-of-the-art offset and pouch-making technology ensures a seamless production process from start to finish, fully automated and completed all inhouse. With this level of efficiency, we can be your manufacturer for the whole region.

Made to make a difference

Created with
to combat usage of plastic sachets.
0 100% biodegradable kraft paper
Printed with
Cassava Bag Singapore
achieved from the Swiss ordinance.
0 Superior gold standard ink
  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging Singapore
    Sustainable can be strong too
    Strength and durability on par with that of plastic sachets.
  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging Singapore
    100% eco-friendly
    Manufactured with 100% biodegradable material.
  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging Singapore
    Heat seal coating
    Prevents moisture and essentially non-tearable.
  • Environmentally Friendly Packaging Singapore
    Automatically eco-friendly
    100% machine automated sustainable eco-pouch packaging, from start to finish.


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