Supply chains supply challenges.

Why isn’t there a way to conveniently source sustainable products?

Shipping products from overseas harms the environment

Air and sea freight generate unsustainable amounts of carbon emission.

Warehousing poses logistical challenges

Ordering in bulk from overseas to save on shipping makes product storage a logistical nightmare.

Stocking challenges cause constant uncertainty

Unpredictable supply chain situations don’t leave much room for alternatives.

Fsc Certified Singapore
Fsc Certified Singapore


Eco equals expensive.

Why are there no products that make sense environmentally and monetarily?

Affordable eco-friendly products are few and far between

Products manufactured in developed countries tend to cost more.

Labour costs increase product pricing

Inefficient production costs and extra labour results in expensive products.

Low-cost products are not quality assured

For developing countries, compromising on cost usually means compromising on quality.


Sustainable support is hard to find.

Why is it so challenging to find a partner who supports your sustainability goals?

Companies need to meet sustainability KPI

Corporations are beginning to aspire towards greater environmental friendliness.

Difficult to hit targets without the right partner

Vendors not aligned with your sustainable goals will not provide adequate support

Lack of genuine support makes environmental efforts exhausting

Sourcing sustainable products without a constant vendor can feel like a lonely task.

Fsc Certified Singapore