4 main tenets to Circular Economy

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4 main tenets to Circular use of resources

  • Reusable by design 
  • Ensuring Recyclability 
  • Ensuring compostability 
  • Giving waste resources a new lease of life

Closing the Loop: Green Lab’s Circular Use of Resources

Green Lab Singapore is embracing the circular use of resources in its manufacturing and supply chain process. By shifting away from the traditional linear model of resource consumption, Green Lab is adopting a regenerative system that aims to close the loop and create a more sustainable future.

Reusable by design

At the heart of Green Lab’s product specialists is their commitment to incorporating reusability into their packaging design. Green Lab ensures that its offerings are durable and long-lasting, focusing heavily on product quality to withstand more usage cycles. It reduces the need for constant replacement and minimises waste generation.

Ensuring recyclability

Ensuring recyclability is another key aspect of Green Lab’s circular approach. All our products can be recycled or composted. We consciously choose recyclable materials for our products and enable these materials to be repurposed and reintroduced into the production cycle, thus reducing the demand for virgin resources.  

Some of examples would be 

  • Enabling F&B consumables recycling by utilising water-based resin coating instead of traditional PE coating. 
  • Recycling and energy recovery partnerships with Wah & Hua recycling company 
  • First fully recyclable POS material standee 

Ensuring composability

Most Green Lab products are compostable, closing the loop by returning the nutrients back to earth instead of remaining as trash in the landfill for hundreds of years. We innovate and replaced traditional plastic coatings on F&B consumables with compostable water-based resin. This is a game changer as coffee cups and food containers can be part of the resource loop

Giving waste resources a new lease of life

Green Lab is committed to the research and development of innovative materials, exemplified by our exploration of the utilization of industrial waste cassava. Our efforts have resulted in the creation of CASSA180ᵀᴹ bags, which serve as eco-friendly alternatives to single-use plastics. By harnessing industrial waste cassava, we not only mitigate the environmental consequences of waste but also contribute to the prolonged circulation of natural resources. This sustainable approach underscores our dedication to revitalizing waste resources and optimizing resource efficiency.

By prioritizing reusability, recyclability, and composability, we are actively working towards a future where resources are conserved, waste is minimized, and environmental impact is reduced. Green Lab continues to move forward with circular approaches for a better environment for all.