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VMS - Wireless Sensor Network
LED Lighting
Smart Cool Power Saving Unit
In GreenLAB, we believe in using the most advance technology to help our customers save and conserve energy by optimizing power management. This indirectly helps to lower business cost, reduce carbon footprint and increase revenue.

GreenLAB Technologies specialize in building Wireless Sensor Network through our VMS (Versatile Management System) platform. VMS covers a large range of applications, including areas in which power or infrastructure limitations make a wired solution costly, challenging, or even impossible. For a manufacturing plant, VMS offers a lower-cost method for collecting production system health data to reduce energy usage and better manage resources. VMS can be positioned alongside wired systems to create a complete wired and wireless measurement and control system. The VMS can also be implemented for an application like environmental monitoring in which the requirements mandate a long-term deployed solution to acquire water, soil, or climate measurements. In structural health monitoring, VMS wireless sensors can effectively monitor highways, bridges, and tunnels. VMS can also be deployed to continually monitor office buildings, hospitals, airports, factories, power plants, or production facilities.

In tandem with VMS, GreenLAB also supplies efficient LED (Light Emitting Diode) lightings for general lighting application like T5, T8 & MR16 for household, Spot light for garden, Underwater lighting, Walkway lighting, Solar street lightings and many others including customized solution. GreenLAB also carries SmartCool product with ECO3, a smart compact computerized unit that helps to optimize the RAC compressor leading to energy of up to 30% annually.